The Hills of Rosemont

rosemont_mechanical_transparentOnce upon a time a developer found a perfect piece of land and he created a community which became famous throughout the land.

This land of 400 acres was transformed into a dreamland of country estates with sparkling ponds and lakes, and seven hills and rolling valleys. The land was blanketed in mature trees of every kind.

The location of this dreamland was perfect, surrounded by protected land on three sides and a 480-acre private golf-course on the other side. While secluded and hidden from the outside world, the land was only four miles to the Research Financial Center and only ten minutes to a new shopping wonderland along the Interstate. The land was available at the perfect time and was full of wildlife and birds, and attached to miles and miles of meandering trails. Each day, families left the magnificent trees surrounding their beautiful country manors and drove through meticulously landscaped private security gates to the outside world, arriving at restaurants, malls, theaters, jobs and the airport, all within 15 minutes.

The community was in the location of locations, the most beautiful place to live and play, and it was known as “The Hills of Rosemont.”

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